Weather-Rite LLC is best known for high quality, industrial grade, premium featured commercial and industrial HVAC systems, including make up air (MUA), custom air handlers, large air volume heating and cooling air turnover units.

Through the expertise of our independent representative network, as well as our experienced engineering and applications staff, Weather-Rite can help customize our air handling products and can offer solutions and options not available in mass-produced HVAC units. Many WEATHER-RITE™ products feature durable, heavy-duty construction as standard. Strong, welded structural steel frames create the rigid, long-lasting skeleton from which our premium units are built. Our industrial sized units also offer higher CFM capacities than many commercial grade units can provide, allowing a wider range of capability and more design flexibility for the demands of larger facilities.

Energy conscious design is highlighted through the repetitive use of our unique dual-blower design found in many of our direct-fired and indirect-fired air handlers and heated air make up (AMU) units. On these models, we use two blowers on a single, tubular shaft. This design allows for a single, smaller HP motor located outside of the heated airstream. This smaller motor drives the supply air blowers to deliver the same CFM as a single blower unit with much lower electrical operation costs, as well as extended motor and belt life.

The use of propeller fans in our air turnover units also have the same benefit of reduced electrical usage while rotating high volume of heated or cooled, filtered air throughout a large commercial or industrial space. High-turndown direct-fired or indirect-fired burners offer high efficiency and can help reduce fuel usage. Options include economizers, heat recovery, building pressurization and recirculating units, variable air volume units, PLC controls, low NOx burners and variable frequency drives, among others. These options are available to supply an HVAC solution to fit the conservation and responsible energy reduction requirements of our customers.

WEATHER-RITE™ products can help promote productivity and cost reduction by helping to provide cleaner and more comfortable environments for industrial and commercial facilities. WEATHER-RITE™ indirect and direct-fired, make-up air systems and large volume air turnover heating and cooling units are in operations around the world in industrial and commercial HVAC systems. In addition, our units are operating in spray booth air make up, as well as large vehicle finishing markets including aircraft, marine and painted industrial products.

Our offering includes, but is not limited to: energy efficient, direct-fired make-up air units; indirect-fired make-up air units; economical, custom air handling systems with evaporative or mechanical cooling and high filtration options.